APEX 4R 14′ x 25,75″

Hvis du vil ha et let og hurtigt race board eller et fantastisk downwind board, som ikke koster hele børneopsparingen er APEX 4R serien det helt rigtige bud. Nu på tilbud! Nedsat fra 15.800kr

3 forskellige modeller : 12,6 race ,  14’x 7,5″ eller 14’x 5,75″

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DKK 15.800,00 DKK 12.500,00


The Apex 4R Series uses our BCX4R molded construction that is light weight, strong and molded for a consistent shape.

The 14’ comes in two different widths to accommodate different size paddlers and the 12’ 6” comes in one width for true racing performance.

The nose design is a combination between a piercing and displacement hull for piercing throughwaves as well as going over them with ease. The bottom is flat from rail to rail for under foot for stability; flowing to a slight vee bottom for control in and out of the surf.

The deck of the board has a step deck design that lowers the paddler’s center of gravity for added stability. The Apex design is very versatile, and handles all conditions extremely well.

It is stable, fast and a very responsive race board.


Carbon fiber bottom and rail , Compressed EPS Core, Fiberglass top and bottom, High density foam deck inlay, Fiberglass top and bottom, Bamboo Laminate top, bottom and rails, Fiberglass top and bottom, Fin Boxes installed in high density foam



APEX 14 – 25.75  14 ft / 427 cm

25.75 in / 65.4cm

6.25 in / 15.88cm

253.4 L

25 lbs / 11.34kg*

APEX 14 -27.50  14 ft / 427 cm

27.5 in / 69.85cm

6.5 in / 16.51cm

292.8 L

25 lbs / 11.34kg*

APEX 12.6 – 25.75

 12 ft 6 in / 381cm

25.75 in / 65.4cm

6.25 in / 15.88cm

227.2 L

23 lbs / 10.43kg*

Byron Kurt – Team Rider – USA(*approx. +/- 2 kg)

(*approx. +/- 2 kg)