The Big Bad Egg is the easy riding cousin of the hugely popular One Bad Egg mid-length surfboard.
Phippsy had been pondering some tweaks to his original One Bad Egg after a trip up the coast where the waves were a little softer and lacked the punch of his home beaches. He’d also noticed that many of the custom orders landing in his inbox were requesting some slightly more generous dimensions with either more width or more volume and sometimes a bit of both…so the Big Bad Egg was hatched!
The BBE boasts many of the assets the original OBE brought to the table but with a little fine-tuning has now got a little more ‘low-end’ prowess and has possibly had it’s upper-end wings clipped slightly.
So slightly fuller in shape overall than the OBE and by default carries a little more foam and buoyancy in like for like sizes. These changes will appeal to many riders who were either looking for a little more volume/stability to accommodate their larger size, older age or lack of paddle fitness, or just wanted a board for more conservative conditions and didn’t need the upper echelons of the original One Bad Egg’s wave range.
Another key  for the Big Bad Egg is the fin arrangement; with a 1+2 setup giving you the option of riding your BBE as a classic single fin, or single fin + side-bites for stability .

You will be pleased with the extra width under the chest on the BBE. It paddles just as well as the OBE and catches waves possibly a fraction earlier, and looks to be the perfect go-to board for all but the biggest conditions (which to be quite frank, I’m unlikely to venture out in).

Mark Phipps has been ‘mowing foam’ for nearly as long as he’s been surfing. He started shaping and first picked up a planer under the wing and careful guidance of Wayne Lynch and Greg Brown in the famous Gash factory. Mark now divides his time between his home town of Point Lonsdale in Victoria, Australia and France. This allows him to make the very best of the surf in both locations, keep his finger on the “surf” pulse and keep in touch with the travelling pros who love his unique custom made shortboards.

  • Name The Mark Phipps Big Bad Egg 7ft 0 Surfboard
  • Ability Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Volume 49 litres
  • Conditions Anything from knee high to just over head high waves
  • Construction Traditional PU/polyester fibre glass
  • Fin System  1+2
  • Fins Included No

7′ x 21,1/4 ” x 3″  49 L