SANTA CRUZ limited “Copenhagen Towers “deck


SANTA CRUZ x ACT IN PUBLIC, standard deck #1
From 1985-92 I was riding for Santa Cruz Skateboards, the last 3 years as full-blown pro. Moving from LA back to my hometown Copenhagen in Denmark, we stayed in contact and I got flowed gear when needed. Santa Cruz, Indy, OJ always had my back.
Last year we got the idea to ask Santa Cruz if they were up for a board-colab with our still to come new Copenhagen-based streetfashion brand called Act in Public.
At a meeting with Santa Cruz we showed them our ideas – and little did we know how much lifelong loyalty to a company means… Santa Cruz did not only want to produce our Act in Public skateboards,
Thanks to our buddies Kendall, Denike, Novak and the whole crew at Santa Cruz Skateboards. You rule 🔥 lots of love, Søren Aaby
AIPxSCS, DECK #1 SPECS: Type: Copenhagen Towers standard US deck Size: 8,5” x 31.85″ Shape: Odd, but not too odd, close to popsicle… just right Terrain: Your choice … but a great ATW we think Setup: See our suggestion for a nice allround-setup below
Truck: Indy 149 (Hollow or not) Riser: Indy (maybe not for street) Bolt: Indy 1” alloy black (fits perf) Wheel: OJ 53mm white 98A (not too small) Bearing: Bronson G3 (fast as fark)

DKK 549,00 DKK 500,00